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Hugh Greenwood

Oct 03, 2016 Expert in women pilots of WWII, the Wright Brothers, celebrity servicemembers and more.

Hugh Greenwood has volunteered at Wings Over the Rockies 20+ years. He flew jet fighters and bombers in the US Air Force, flew as a commercial pilot for 32 years and has logged 26,000+ hours during his 40 year flying career. Hugh loves to talk to people about airplanes and Aviation History.

Speaking Topics:

  • U.S. Women Pilots in World War II
  • Stars in Khaki: Selected celebrities who served with the Armed Forces (primarily with the Army Air Forces) during and after WWII.
  • Fire of a Thousand Suns: Story of some of the main people, places, and events during the building of the first Atomic Bomb.
  • Secrets of the Wright Brothers Revealed
  • The Norden Bombsight

Contact Hugh: f86lhg@yahoo.com