Speaker Series: ‘Atomic Energy: A History’

Speaker Series: ‘Atomic Energy: A History’

Date: Saturday, Apr 30 | 11AM to 12PM
Categories: Special Events

When the second World War began in 1939, Americans did not want to be drawn into another conflict in Europe. But as more countries fell to the Nazi forces, the attitude within the White House began to change. President Roosevelt recognized the danger of a Nazi conquest of Europe. A group of emigre scientists who were aware of the abilities of Germany’s scientific institutions began a lobbying effort for the United States to conduct serious research in atomic energy. This led to the Manhattan Project, a multi-billion dollar secret effort to build an atomic weapon.

On April 30, join us for a presentation from Wings Volunteer and former Lockheed Martin Engineer Stephen Kelly on the people who lobbied to get the bomb program launched, the researchers who conducted the efforts to build the bomb, the secret facilities that were built from the ground up in record time, and the creative solutions that were devised to make the weapon work. Stephen will also look at the training of the crews and delivery of the bomb to targets in Japan.


This presentation will take place in the Harrison Ford Theater, and is included in museum admission.