Members Only Speaker Series with Alyssa Carson

Date: Monday, Mar 8 | 6PM to 7PM
Categories: Special Events

Join Wings Over the Rockies and Astronaut Trainee and Future Mars Walker Alyssa Carson for a special Members Only event!

Wings Aerospace Pathways Instructor and Visitor Services Manager Zeenath Khan will interview Alyssa Carson about her experiences with space camp, NASA, being a member of the Mars Generation, and more! A short audience Q&A will follow the interview. Learn more about Alyssa and Zeenath below.

This event will take place virtually as a webcast. 


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Ever since she was a little girl, Alyssa Carson has had her heart set on the stars. At only 3 years old, she told her father, “Daddy, I want to be an astronaut, and be one of the people that go to Mars.” He had no idea that this seemingly offhand  statement would actually become the birth of a meaningful lifelong endeavor.

At just 19 years old, Alyssa’s list of accomplishments include witnessing 3 Space Shuttle launches, attending Space Camp 7 times, Space Academy 3 times, Robotics Academy once, youngest to graduate Advanced Space Academy, and multiple Sally Ride Camps. In 2012 and 2013, she furthered her education at Space Camp Turkey and Space Camp Canada, becoming the first person to attend all three NASA Space Camps in the world. Alyssa is also the first to complete the NASA Passport program, visiting all 14 NASA Visitor’s Centers stretching across 9 states. In January 2013, NASA invited her to be on the MER 10 panel in Washington DC to discuss future missions to Mars live on NASA TV. She was later selected as one of seven ambassadors representing Mars One,  a mission to establish a human colony on Mars in 2030.  In October of 2016 Alyssa was the youngest to be accepted and graduate the Advanced Possum Academy, officially making her certified to go to space and an astronaut trainee.

More than anything, Alyssa is driven by an insatiable desire to live life to the fullest; to break through the ceiling of possibility and make a positive and lasting impact on the world.

Zeenath Khan earned her BA in Physics and Astronomy from Carleton College, MN. During her time at Carleton, she spent her time conducting theoretical research on galaxies and neutron stars funded by NASA’s Minnesota Space Grant Consortium, leading a middle-school astronomy program, and volunteering at the campus observatory. She also pursued efforts in advocating for women and underrepresented groups in STEM. Zeenath’s love for telescopes and the night sky led her to Jackson, WY where she led private stargazing tours in Grand Teton National Park before moving to Denver. Zeenath primarily works in the Visitor Services department at Wings Over the Rockies, but is grateful to have the opportunity to join the education team as a WAP instructor for Introduction to Astronomy, as well as lead the IDEA Committee as one of the co-chairs. Outside of physics and astronomy, Zeenath has a passion for renewable energy and sustainable development.