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L-19 Bird Dog

L-19 Bird Dog

The L-19 Bird Dog was developed from the civilian Cessna 170. It was designed to satisfy the U.S Army’s need for a more rugged airplane that could serve as a liaison and observation aircraft following World War II. The name Bird Dog was chosen because the role of the airplane was to locate the enemy and fly overhead until artillery could make it to the enemy.

Production of the L-19 began in 1950 and the first L-19’s saw service during the Korean war. 1962 and later models of the L-19 were re-designated as O-1’s by the U.S Military and saw service during the Vietnam War.

This 1959 Cessna L-19 was originally sold to the French military. Following its service with the French military, our L-19 was used as a test aircraft for a larger and more powerful engine than what is currently installed. It was fully restored to factory original condition 2007 and in 2008 it won the Phoenix Award at the Sun N Fun Airshow. It has 60 degrees of flap travel, which is double most civilian airplanes.

Aircraft Specifications:

  • Engine: Continental Piston
  • Cruise Speed: 104 mph
  • Maximum Speed: 132 mph
  • Length: 25.8 feet
  • Wingspan: 36 feet
  • Crew: One
  • Passengers: One
  • Number Built: 3,431 units
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