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The Podcast – S4, Episode 34

A first-of-its-kind virtual reality spacewalk experience.

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Space Explorers: The Infinite is a captivating immersive journey inspired by NASA missions aboard the International Space Station. Join us as we hear from creator Félix Lajeunesse who tells us how The Infinite project got started, how they filmed and created this experience, working with astronauts, and the unique challenges they faced making virtual reality content on the International Space Station. This one is going to be cool!

Guests experiencing THE INFINITE virtual experience
Key Takeaways:
  • THE INFINITE experience gives audiences breathtaking 360-degree views of Earth, displays scenes from life aboard the ISS, and allows guests to perform their very own spacewalk, all through virtual reality technology.
  • This project is the first virtual reality experience filmed in space onboard the ISS.
  • THE INFINITE faced many challenges while filming, needing to consider camera temperatures, radiation, and so much more.
  • In this experience, you can interact with astronauts who helped film such as spacewalking, experimenting, and even having dinner.
  • The Overview Effect is a common experience among astronauts when traveling to space. The term, first coined by author Frank White, describes a cognitive shift commonly experienced when someone sees the Earth from space for the first time. People often describe feeling a sense of one-ness, that the Earth is precious, and sheer awe in the Earth’s beauty, all of which can be experienced in THE INFINITE.
  • Félix Lajeunesse aims to continue filming with NASA to document and create more experiences on the Moon and beyond.
  • You can visit Space Explorers: THE INFINITE in Denver until May 5th, 2024!
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