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Alexander Eaglerock

Alexander Eaglerock

In the mid-1920s, Alexander Film studios needed a better way to distribute their movies. Airplanes were the answer, but they were unable to buy the airplanes they needed. So they built their own aircraft factory near Broadway and Hampden in Englewood, Colorado.

Their first airplane had disappointing performance, but that changed when they promoted an eager teenager named Al Mooney to be their new chief engineer. Mooney designed the very successful Alexander Eaglerock in our museum.

The Alexander Eaglerock soon became one of the best-selling airplanes in the country, and for a few months, more airplanes were made in Colorado than anywhere else in America.

After thriving for four years, Alexander Aircraft stopped making airplanes because of the Great Depression.

And what happened to that talented teenaged airplane designer? Al Mooney enjoyed a long career designing fast, efficient aircraft including the Culver Dart and Cadet, Bellanca Airbus, and a variety of Lockheed airplanes, including work on the first business jet. He also formed Mooney Aircraft, which still manufactures Mooney airplanes in Kerrville, Texas.

This Eaglerock was built in 1929, and originally had a 100 horsepower Curtiss OX-5 engine. Now it has a 300 horsepower Lycoming radial engine. The airplane was restored by Brad Davenport between 1987 and 1993, and it flew regularly for more than 20 years until it came to the museum.

Aircraft specifications:
Wingspan: 36 ft 8 in (11.18 m)
Length: 25 ft 11 in (7.9 m)
Carries: pilot and two passengers
Maximum speed: about 135 mph (217 km/h)
Maximum weight: about 2,500 lbs (1,134 kg)
Engine: Lycoming R-680 E3B, 9 cylinder radial, 300 hp (224 kW)

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Saturday Jan 28
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Exploration of Flight

Build an Airplane Showcase

Build an Airplane Showcase
Saturday, Jan 28 | 10:00AM to 2:00PM

Building Airplanes – A Riveting Experience!

Join us at Wings Over the Rockies for a fun, hands-on, learning day in the hangar! Kids and families will receive riveting kits to put together their own model airplane. We will also have wooden air tanker planes to put together and paint.  There will be demonstrations of construction and riveting on actual planes that are in the process of being built and the opportunity to learn from some of our local craftsmen about what it takes to build your own plane.  You can also get a walk around of the Vans RV-12iS that was built by Wings Aerospace Pathways (WAP) students and see the very start of the next RV-12iS that is currently being built.

Talk with Neil Kardos about his highly modified RV-6 and with Brian Beatty about his award winning RV-7A. This will be an opportunity to learn about their experiences of building their airplanes from start to finish.

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Saturday Jan 28
11:00AM TO 12:00PM
Air & Space Museum

Speaker Series | Why Explore Space?

Speaker Series | Why Explore Space?
Saturday, Jan 28 | 11:00AM to 12:00PM

Join us in the Harrison Ford Theater at Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum for a presentation about space exploration by Wings’ Curator, Chuck Stout. 

Are there any good reasons to spend money or to risk human lives by traveling into space? Space exploration can be expensive and there are certainly risks. But what are the benefits? This presentation investigates some of the ways that space exploration has already changed our lives, as well as how it might solve problems and improve our future.

This event is included in museum admission.

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Monday Jan 30
6:00PM TO 7:00PM
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Free Yoga Class

Monday, Jan 30 | 6:00PM to 7:00PM

Join us for a free yoga class from YogaSix.

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