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Staff Picks of the Month

The Woman Behind Project Mercury

“Outlier: the story of Katherine Johnson” maps the trajectory of this African American girl-wonder whose mathematical genius catapulted astronauts into space. From America’s first attempt at manned space flights to the Space Shuttle program, Johnson was an integral part of NASA. Includes an interview with Johnson, whose life was profiled in the movie “Hidden Figures.”

Watch now | 54-min. documentary | Timeline – World History Documentaries

Sally Ride: Curating Her Life

This episode of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s What’s New in Aerospace? series, celebrates the acquisition of the Sally K. Ride Collection of personal possessions and papers. The program focuses on how we seek to preserve the meaning of a person’s life and legacy, particularly that of a woman who is considered an iconic national hero. The What’s New in Aerospace? series is presented in collaboration with NASA.

Watch now | 59-min. talk | NASA

Flying Dreams: Women Airforce Pilots of WWII

Blending WASP interviews and footage featuring restored WWII aircraft with archival film footage, still images, and commentary from a WASP historian, this important documentary captivates and inspires viewers of all ages with the remarkable true story of the WASP.

Watch now | 51-min. documentary | Real Stories

Jerrie Mock, First Woman to Fly Solo Around the World

Interview of Jerrie Mock by CarolAnn Garratt on the occasion of Women Of Aviation Week and the 50th anniversary of Jerrie’s historic flight.

Watch now | 14-min. interview | WomenOfAviation

About Exploration of Flight Campus

Astronaut Eileen Collins

Astronaut Eileen Collins of the Spreading Wings Teacher Flight Program praises the effectiveness of motivated teachers who can make all the difference by inspiring and getting kids excited about aviation and space.

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Harrison Ford

Amid scenes that capture the appeal of the Wings Over the Rockies hangar, the renowned actor and longtime aviation enthusiast challenges us to find our own place in aviation — whether on the ground, in the air, or even in space.

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Jeff Puckett

A Wingspan General Co-Chair describes the appeal of Exploration of Flight as a venue for dynamic programs that are important to Colorado and that give birth to a passion for aviation.

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Gov. Hickenlooper

Launching the Wingspan Campaign, the Governor portrays Exploration of Flight as a way to build on the aviation heritage of Colorado, which has always pursued new frontiers and which leads the nation in pilots per capita. These remarks were made at the 2011 Spreading Wings Gala, honoring the Tuskegee Airmen.

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Greg Anderson

The Executive Director of the Wingspan Campaign articulates the vision of Exploration of Flight as a way to share the enthusiasm, the educational potential and the values of flight with current and future generations to help them discover new horizons of potential.

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Teacher Shelley Jacobs

The first teacher in the Spreading Wings Teacher Flight Program recounts the ways in which the program is a source of inspiration for teachers who seek to encourage a love of science and discovery among their kids.

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Tony Mayer

A Wingspan General Co-Chair recalls his own unlikely introduction to flying and sees Exploration of Flight as a great way to spark an interest in aviation among kids who are still at an early, impressionable age.

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