Earn your Aviation Merit Badge

Learn about aviation basics:

  • Plot your course and plan your flying adventure without ever leaving the ground!
  • Build a foam glider from scratch!
  • Tour the Air & Space Museum!
  • Experience the Wings Over the Rockies Flight Simulator Room!


Pricing: $15.00 per participant.
Adults can sit in IF there is space (adults should NOT register but may pay museum admission the day of the class).

Registration to come!

About the class:

This is a “penguin” class, because scouts do not need to fly to earn the badge. They will learn the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of flight, tour the museum, plot and fly a course on the simulators, and build and fly gliders made from a foam picnic plate (really!).

The merit badge counselors have a wide range of experience across several military and civilian aviation disciplines. At the end of the class, instructors will discuss other opportunities in the professional, private and sport aviation fields.

Class runs from 10 a.m. to approximately 4 p.m.

Scouts who register and do the prerequisite listed below (step 5 on the worksheet) can earn the badge on the same day.

All scouts should bring their worksheet and lunch to the class.

Prerequisite: Download the merit badge worksheet through the link below and bring it and a pen to the class.

Do step 5 in advance: using resources in the list from the back of the worksheet, consider three careers in aviation. Choose one you would like to do and list the education, training and experience you need for the job.

Merit Badge Worksheet