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Discover the final frontier!

Exhibit Now Open Through April 15th

Be The Astronaut is an engaging and interactive pod-based exhibit that teaches STEM-based content via a fusion of technology and traditional exhibitry.

Be The Astronaut focuses on the concepts common to all space flight, using the narrative of a possible future space mission as its framework.

Made up by a series of interactive games and simulations, Be The Astronaut speaks powerfully to adults and children alike. In order to advance and succeed further in each phase of the exhibition, visitors learn about the challenges and excitement of spaceflight — then apply that knowledge as they fly spaceships, pilot landers, and drive rovers across locations such as Earth’s orbit, the Moon, Mars, Ceres and Jupiter.


All spacecraft in Be The Astronaut were designed with assistance and oversight from NASA’s Langley Research Facility.


Exhibit Process:

  1. Upon entry into the museum, guests will receive a magnetic ‘Astronaut ID’ card. This card tracks visitor’s progress, allowing you to proceed through the exhibit at your own pace, or even return to the museum at a later date and continue where you left off. This magnetic ID card is included in the price of museum admission.
  2. The exhibit includes modules separated into three categories. (See chart below)
  3. Experience the exhibition at your leisure! Tackle all three modules during one visit or return to complete the experience over several visits.
NAV – Short for Celestial Navigation, uses 2D visuals to teach basic principles of physics and concepts about the workings of the universe on a macro scale. SCI – Short for Science & Technology, uses a drag-and-drop interface to help users gain a greater depth of knowledge about the science and technology needed to explore and thrive in outer space. FLY – Jump into the driver’s seat of various spacecraft. From a rover on the surface of Mars to an interplanetary spaceship navigating an asteroid belt, Be The Astronaut puts you in control of some of the most advanced space technology ever created.



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Exhibit is included in the price of museum admission.


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