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Meet Kyle Wren

Kyle is a 2022 Wings Flight Training Scholarship recipient who is pursuing a career in aviation.

Meet Kyle Wren, 2022 recipient of a Wings Flight Training Scholarship. A current student of Metropolitan State University of Denver, Kyle is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in aviation and aerospace. He received his pilot’s license during his senior year of high school making him the first student at Swink High School in La Junta, Colorado to earn his pilot’s license before his diploma. In this Q&A, Kyle discusses his passion for aviation, how Wings’ Flight Training Scholarship propelled his career forward, and what his plans are for the future.

Flight Scholarships student Kyle Wren in an airplane

What drew you to pursuing a career in aviation? 

I have always had an interest in flying. As a child, I remember dreaming of growing wings and taking flight. Both my parents are veterans of the Air Force and while neither of them were pilots, they would tell me fascinating stories of airplanes. From the speed of the SR71 to the capabilities of fighter jets to the fire power of bombers, these stories stuck with me. I spent my childhood learning as much as I could about airplanes and being around them whenever possible. The idea of becoming a pilot has been in the back of my mind for as long as I could remember. During my junior year of high school, my STEM teacher informed me about the Wings Flight Training Scholarship. I applied and was fortunate to receive it. I then went on to pursue my private pilot license during my senior year, and in doing so became the first alumni from my high school to earn their pilot’s license before their diploma.

How is the Wings Flight Training Scholarship helping you achieve your career goals?

The Wings Flight Training Scholarship made it possible for me to obtain my pilot license. Without it, I do not think I would have been able to do it. The financial support and guidance from Wings has been monumental in my flying journey. Not having to worry about funding my own flight training allowed me to excel in flying and be certified within the timeframe that I was. Earning my private pilot license through Wings has not only allowed me to become an aviator, but has provided the opportunity to grow in many other ways—leadership skills, communication, problem solving, confidence and so much more. It has also opened the door to the amazing network of pilots, allowing me to meet great people and further pursue a career in aviation. Since I became a pilot before graduating high school as a result of the Wings Flight Training Scholarship, I became eligible for another scholarship that is fully funding my bachelor’s degree. A large part of my success so far can be attributed to Wings, and I am extremely grateful for their help and contribution towards my career.

What do you hope to do with your degree from Metropolitan State University of Denver?

While attending Metropolitan State University of Denver, I hope to become more involved in aviation and learn all I can. I understand the importance of networking, especially in the aviation industry. I am currently pursuing joining the aerobatics team and hope to become a member by either this year or the next. My career goals have changed quite frequently since I first earned my private pilot license, yet one aspiration I have always had is to fly fighter jets in the military. I understand that becoming a military pilot is extremely competitive and requires a bachelor’s degree. I have been looking into the best course of action to pursue military flying and intend to enroll in an Air Force ROTC program next year at CU Boulder as they have a partner program with MSU Denver. I have also been interested in civilian flying. Recently, my goals have shifted from commercial aviation to flying private jets. I am excited to see how far flying takes me and what the future holds.

What do you find most meaningful about being in MSU Denver’s Aviation and Aerospace Department?

I value the strong sense of community among the teachers and students. Aviation is a tight knit community and most of the people you meet are willing to help you with flying and share experiences they had. A lot of the professors are certified flight instructors, and they seem to genuinely care about your success and understand aviation. As pilots, we all have something in common that unites us and thus it is a positive and supportive department. MSU has a plethora of resources to help aviators and other people interested in aviation, including FAA approved flight simulators that you are  allowed to use when there is not a class using them.