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Behind the Wings®
The Podcast – Episode 2

Explore the history, design features, and legacy of the iconic F-14 Tomcat with Capt. Mike Rabens (Ret.)

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About the Episode
Today’s show is a conversation with Mike Rabens who is president of the F-14 Tomcat Association  –  who’s mission, they say, is to to preserve the history of the greatest fighter jet the US Navy has ever flown. Membership is open to anyone who has flown, worked on, or just plain loves the F-14 aircraft.

Mike is graduate of the Navy Fighter Weapons School, Top Gun, a commander on US Naval Test Pilot School, with more than 4,700 flight hours in 58 aircraft, and more than 700 carrier landings. Today he is the Director of System Integration Test & Evaluation at Northrop Grumman— Sound familiar? It’s the same company that built his beloved Tomcat.

This one’s going to be cool!

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