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Behind the Wings®
The Podcast – Episode 3

Sharon Caples McDougle shares her journey from SR-71 suit tech to NASA crew chief.

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About the Episode
Today’s show is a conversation with Sharon Caples McDougle, a modern-day hidden figure, crew chief, and manager of the Space Shuttle Crew Escape Equipment Processing Department. She is the first Black woman to serve in those roles. She has had an amazing career and we’re going to dive into her journey.

Sharon is a former NASA spacesuit technician. She suited up Mae Jaemison, the first Black Woman to go to Space, worked on the SR-71 with pressure suits, and now tells her story in all kinds of ways – she authored a Children’s book “suit up with Shay” and we are happy to have her tell her story today on Behind the Wings! This was a really fun conversation.

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