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Behind the Wings®
The Podcast – Episode 4

Explore new E-Sports like drone soccer, the role of drones in combat, artificial intelligence, and drone law.

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About the Episode
This will be our first show with two guests – Kyle Sanders and Dawn Zoldi – and we’re talking drones! We’ll explore new E-Sports like drone soccer, artificial intelligence, the role of drones in combat, and the legal issues that arise with drone law.

Students are getting involved with drones at the high school level and even younger. There’s so much opportunity with this growing field. U.S. Drone Soccer co-founder Kyle Sander discusses how drone sports get young people involved with building, and flying drones. But drones today extend past the soccer field into so many different industries. To learn more we spoke with Dawn Zoldi.

Dawn’s had a fascinating career spanning 25 years as a military attorney, an internationally recognized expert on un-crewed aircraft systems and advanced air mobility law and policy. She is founder of P3 Tech Consulting, and hosts the Dawn of Drones Podcast. From her experience as a military lawyer, to Electric Take off and Landing Vehicles, there’s a lot to explore.

This one’s going to be cool!

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Key Takeaways:
  • High school drone soccer teams are engaging young people in a fun sport that is also an aviation career pathway
  • Drone soccer players gain competency in skills like engineering, piloting, coding, and teamwork
  • Artificial intelligence and drones are providing additional security and protection in combat
  • EVTOLS (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft are revolutionizing how we will transport people and things
  • Drone delivery is solving last-mile logistical challenges, and improving access to things like healthcare in remote areas


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