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The Podcast – Episode 6

James H. Doolittle’s granddaughter share’s an inside look at a remarkable career in aviation.

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Today’s show is a conversation with Jonna Doolittlethe granddaughter of James H. Doolittle – who shares great insights into the American military general and aviation pioneer. It was great to get the family insights from Jonna, and as always, the historical context.  Doolittle won air races, was a test pilot, completing the first outside loop, something most people thought was impossible. In WWI he was active with the Signal Corps’ Aviation Section, but never saw combat. In WWII, Doolittle was chosen by Hap Arnold – the subject of our next episode, so stay tuned – to lead the planning of the first aerial raid on the Japanese mainland and retaliation for Pearl Harbor.
Key Takeaways:
  • Jimmy Doolittle was highly educated, as a mechanic, engineer, and pilot, which set up his career as an aviation pioneer
  • Doolittle’s innovation with blind flying and landing paved the way for landing in bad weather
  • Doolittle helped organize the Air Force Association and was elected its first president
  • Doolittle lobbied successfully to make the Air Force its own branch of the military

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