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The Podcast – S3, Episode 23

This episode will dive into the world of orbital infrastructure – both the challenges and opportunities – through the lens of an on-orbit spacecraft refueling company, Orbit Fab, who aims to create gas stations in space.

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Join us as we talk with Adam Harris, the Chief Commercial Officer at Orbit Fab, who gives us insight on the state of LEO (low earth orbit), orbital infrastructure, and explains how on-orbit refueling could be a key part of enabling this new era in space activity more sustainably and efficiently. Orbital refueling is not a new idea, but as space technology, and the cost of launch has come down, the possibility for this type of service at scale is closer to reality than ever before. This is going to be cool!

Key Takeaways:
  • Adam Harris is an Air Force Academy graduate, who spent several years in the military as an Intelligence Staff Member, Senior Advisor, and more. He then moved to the private sector, joining SpaceX and eventually, his current role on the Orbit Fab team.
  • Orbit Fab is creating some of the first commercially available orbital refueling, including refueling depots and shuttles that will bring the fuel straight to the satellites!
  • Orbit Fab is working alongside other space companies, and space agencies to help create industry standards, so that someday all spacecraft, satellites or space stations could potentially be refueled. Like how gas stations on Earth can refuel any car!
  • The refueling depots and shuttles will be launched into the same orbit as the satellites to keep traveling between the two to a minimum.
  • Orbit Fab has already successfully launched one refueling depot into Earth’s atmosphere.
  • By 2025, Orbit Fab hopes to start launching more refueling depots and shuttles into Earth’s orbit.
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