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The Podcast – S3, Episode 26

On today’s show we’re getting an inside look at the design, testing and manufacturing processes at Honeybee Robotics, as they build a key component for the Orion Spacecraft, and a new lunar drill.

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Don your bunny suits, because we are excited to bring you inside a clean-room and experience first-hand how space hardware is made from prototype through manufacturing! Tune in to hear from Andrew Maurer and Isabel King of Honeybee, as we get a behind the scenes tour at their production facility in Longmont, CO. THIS is going to be cool!

We’ve explored the Artemis program on the show before, if you missed those episodes go back and give a listen to episode 10 to hear from an Orion spacecraft engineer, and episode 21 as we compare Apollo and Artemis with former NASA Astronaut Harrison Schmitt, and historian Dr. Teasel Harmony-Muir.

Isabel King, Mechanical Engineer at Honeybee Robotics, stands in front of the TRIDENT drill, which is designed to sample Lunar Regolith on NASA's Artemis missions.

Isabel King, Mechanical Engineer at Honeybee Robotics, stands in front of the Honeybee Artemis Drill for Astronauts, which is designed to sample Lunar Regolith on NASA’s Artemis missions.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Artemis Project aims to land near the southern pole of the Moon so that we can investigate and bring back samples of lunar ice. We can then test it and see how it got there and if it’s drinkable!
  • Orion is the name of the spacecraft that will take astronauts to space, and Artemis is the name of the overall mission.
  • Honeybee’s products are rigorously tested before being sent to NASA. Vibration, thermal, and human testing are just a few that help ensure safety and efficiency. They even have astronauts test and give their input!
  • The lunar drill that Honeybee is creating will enable astronauts to drill about 3 meters into the Lunar Surface and collect several rock and ice samples.
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