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The Podcast – S4, Episode 32

Fly to all fifty states in this in-depth conversation about a record-breaking flight and airplane.

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Today, we are excited to speak with world-record-holding pilot, Michael Combs. Michael tells us about his death-defying moment, his record-breaking flight to all fifty states, and why you should never give up on your dreams. We will also hear about his light sport aircraft, Hope One, which is living out retirement in Wings Museum. This one is going to be cool!

Michael Combs flying Hope One
Key Takeaways:
  • In 2003, Michael had a life-threatening health problem that caused him to temporarily die and lose most of his memory.
  • Michael knew he wanted to be a pilot since he was a kid, and while healing in the hospital, that goal kept him going.
  • The Flight for the Human Spirit was a project meant to inspire people by showing that the impossible is possible and that you are never too old to start chasing your dreams.
  • Michael’s goal was to fly his Remos GX light sport aircraft, Hope One, to all fifty states, something that had never been done before. He completed his goal in Hawaii when he got to fly in an air show with the Blue Angels, the Red Bull stunt plane, and Jacquie B Airshows.
  • After his flight, Michael was still making headlines by breaking even more records with Hope One.
  • Hope One is now retired and living in Wings Over the Rockies’ hangar. The cockpit is left in the same condition as when Michael flew it for the last time.
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